Audi to start swapping in its EVs

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A4 E-tron: Audi will form a compact electrical sedan to ultimately change the wave A4 a minimum of in Europe, however its pace within the U.S. is opaque given the trajectory of petite sedans general. If Audi opts to promote it right here, it is going to be in 2026. The combustion-powered A4 will live to tell the tale as an A5.

E-tron GT: The E-tron GT, a sportback sedan advanced along the Porsche Taycan, joined the Audi lineup within the U.S. in 2021. The high-powered EV will probably be due for a midcycle freshening in 2025.

Q9: The Q9, a bigger three-row crossover than the Q7, residue in construction in Ingolstadt, Germany, and will be the closing pristine combustion automobile Audi provides to the lineup, in 2026. It’s designed for each the U.S. and China. U.S. sellers say they’ve been instructed it’s coming, however the logo hasn’t supplied affirmation.

Q8: The combustion-powered two-row sportback crossover will probably be freshened within the first part of 2024 with a 12-volt mild-hybrid device to make stronger gasoline economic system, in addition to driver-assistance and infotainment enhancements. It’s going to be redesigned in 2026, along side the three-row Q7, when it is going to shed its wave title and live to tell the tale as a Q7 by-product.

Q7: Audi’s three-row combustion-powered crossover will probably be freshened within the first part of 2024, when it is going to get a mild-hybrid device and driver-assistance and alternative protection upgrades, in addition to the logo’s fresh infotainment choices. A redesign will happen in 2026, when the wave Q8 will fix the Q7 public.

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