At the shining facet, not more grey Fiats

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Any colour the buyer desires, so long as it’s no longer grey.

Grey could be one of the crucial prevalent automotive colours on the earth, however no longer at Fiat. In a YouTube video shot within the colourful coastal the city of Lerici, Italy, and exempted Monday, Would possibly 26, the Italian automaker owned by means of Stellantis declared it’s going to not put together grey vehicles. Rather, the logo’s palette might be impressed by means of the Italian sea, solar, earth and sky, in step with a press drop.

Within the video, Olivier Francois, Fiat CEO and Stellantis world CMO — in Italian — says: “Ah, gray. The carmakers’ favorite color! German gray. Japanese gray. French … An easy sell. Always sells.

“However hi there, we’re no longer speaking about Germany, Japan or France. We’re speaking about Italy. Simply glance: Italy is pleasure, optimism, love, pastime, era. And what has grey were given to do with all that? Not anything!

“The world doesn’t need another gray car. So let’s change the rules!”

A crane choices up a grey Fiat 600e preoccupied by means of Francois and dips it right into a immense vat of orange paint in the midst of a the city piazza, using house the purpose.

The electrical 600e debuts Tuesday, July 4.

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