ABB readies robots to start out actual inkjet auto portray

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The device permits quantity automakers to trade in contrasting roof colours with no need to run a automobile during the paint store a 2nd date.

Getting rid of overspray additionally cuts the want to masks the frame prior to portray the roof, which saves date.

Reger stated power prices are a 3rd not up to the ones for a standard atomizer device, which runs at prime velocity to push the breeze.

“We do not have this with PixelPaint, so energy consumption for the head itself is down,” he stated.

Development or rebuilding paint retail outlets is in most cases one of the dear portions of an auto meeting plant mission. ABB stated the pristine robots may also be put in on the finish of a standard paint order with out overhauling the paint store.

Reger foresees PixelPaint first being impaired on automobile roofs.

“Next will be the big surfaces, such as the hoods, the doors. And the third step is hopefully to paint 80 to 90 percent of the car body,”he stated, including that the tech received’t exchange all paint robots. “You may still need one cell with an atomizer for painting the difficult edges, like the inside of the door.”

ABB could also be running on a “high-transfer efficiency atomizer” for trickier surfaces. The attempt is to let go overspray to the purpose that, when blended with PixelPaint, automakers will be capable to dramatically scale down ailing at the air flow and washing machine device that filters the paint wastefulness.

The facility to use custom designed paintings on a automobile’s frame has appealed to luxurious producers.

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