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Veterans go through a background test and an car technical flair check on which they will have to rating 80 % or above to be regarded as.

“In order to get into this training, they have to have the technical aptitude,” mentioned Natae Rayner, director of Kia College, the automaker’s coaching program.

“They have to have had some sort of training background and experience in aviation, big fleets — anything that works on high-end electrical. Then they have to pass an extensive test that we have created.”

Those that go get an interview with a dealership in their selection. Greater than 60 Kia dealerships national have signed up for this system to this point.

Terry Doyle, regional fixed-operations director for Asbury Car Crew, has two dealerships which might be registered to be part of this system.

“We’ve had an initial consultation over how many technicians we need, what skill level we want and so on,” he mentioned. “I always like to hire two at a time, especially with a program like this. There tends to be some camaraderie between them.”

Doyle additionally likes that applicants are given a strong car technical flair check. “Sometimes people have a higher opinion of their skills than they actually possess,” he mentioned.

However the want for technicians is so dire that he’s now not so choosy, he added.

“Mindset and communication skills are at the top of my list,” Doyle mentioned. “Hey, if they fixed copy machines and did a good job, we would consider them at this point.”

A rented veteran candidate spends 90 days at a dealership paired with a tutor studying explicit duties, takes web-based coaching and upcoming starts bright restore paintings.

Upcoming 90 days, in-depth coaching begins at a Kia College facility in both Chicago or Seattle, with a 3rd web page deliberate for Atlanta.

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