2024 Acura Integra Kind S brandnew halo for the logo

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The usual six-speed guide transmission of the Integra Kind S blended with the game sedan’s compact platform generates “that pureness of driving connectivity between the driver and the machine, a synergy we always aspire to create,” Korkor stated.

“That gives us tremendous power to show what we would say is, pound for pound, the best overall performing vehicle in this segment, and that is the spirit of NSX,” Korkor stated.

Korkor stated he classifies the Integra Kind S as extra of a uniqueness automobile. However keeping up a balanced way for it, on the subject of manufacturing and gross sales, is essential to maintaining its exclusivity with out making it too unimaginable.

“We want to create sufficient demand to satisfy enthusiasts yearning for a specialty vehicle like this with limited production and avoid saturating the market because that takes away that specialness from the car,” Korkor stated.

The Integra A-Spec, which begins at $41,579, together with supply, has served as a brandnew access level to the Acura emblem, attracting a more youthful purchaser concerned about efficiency.

The lead Elite A-Spec MT with Era cut that comes usual with the guide transmission begins at $47,079, together with supply.

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